The Glamour of EvilThe baptismal

The Glamour of Evil

The baptismal vows require us to reject the glamour of evil. What’s glamour?

The word, in English, first shows up in 1720 as a Scottish variant on the English word grammar, and it denoted occult practices like casting spells. Apparently, there was some association of occult practices and erudition- hence grammar (a similar thing has happened in our own time with the word metaphysics.) It took another hundred or so years for the word to take on its present meaning of “alluring charm”.

The etymology of the word tells a story about what glamour is. Glamorous charm is an alluring quality hiding a dark side under the cover of sham erudition. The erudition is a sort of worldly wisdom- usually called “sophistication”. This word seems itself to have a similar etymology to “glamour”- as it originally meant “the using of sophistical arguments”.


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