Knowledge, an account I don’t

an account I don’t know if I want to refute of accept

Intellectual knowledge, as opposed to opinion, is unity with what is self-evident to the intellect. This unity is either identity (the thing known is in fact self evident) or logical unity. Logical unity means two things, since the things that are self evident to the intellect are universal, and the universal divides in two parts:

1.) Demonstrative unity- unity said of a perfect universal.
2.) Hypothetical unity- unity said of of an imperfect universal- a universal that is by nature falsifiable.

Perfect universals are of two kinds: those which give a true definition, and those which give something in place of a definition. There is gradation of the second kind of perfect universal, and when one gets to a certain point one has fallen too far away from the perfect universal, and they must work with imperfect hypothetical universals.

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