Doctriane Bellapercheis? (my take on

Doctriane Bellapercheis?

(my take on the thoughts of an unknown author)

We can give different accounts of the same thing, and when we do, we get different accounts of what is good for it. What makes a quarterback, a father, a citizen, or a creature of God good is not the same thing, even though one man might be all those things.

In all the above goods, there is also the distinction between the good that the man has as a part of something, and as the individual that happens to be a part. One cannot exist as a quarterback except as a member of a team, or as a father except as a part of a family, or as a citizen apart from the regime, or as a creature apart from the universe.

Whenever the account that we give of a thing makes it a part, then the good of the thing obviously cannot exist except as a part, and therefore there is a sort of primacy of the whole that constitutes the thing. Every part, as such, has its whole existence ordered to the being of the whole, even if the being that the thing has as a part does not exhaust the being that a thing has as thing (i.e. there is more to being Joe Montana than being a part of a team, more to being St. Joseph than being a father, etc…)

We tend to miss the quality that we have as parts of a larger whole, a whole that confers goods on us fundamentally and ultimately as parts of a whole. We pervert goods when we see the good of the whole as existing for the sake of a part.


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