God and Justice (1)

To owe something in justice requires standing to a common good as part.

God cannot in stand to a common good as a part in any way.

God cannot owe something in justice in any way.

So what about condign merit? Assume God promises you X if you do Y and you do Y. Doesn’t God owe you X? Said another way, if you did the act and God reneged, wouldn’t he be unjust?

The Catholic Encyclopedia distinguishes divine veracity from a divine debt:

 God is infinitely self-sufficient, there is no advantage or benefit which man can by his services confer upon Him. Hence on the part of God there can only be question of a gratuitous promise of reward for certain good works. For such works He owes the promised reward, not in justice or equity, but solely because He has freely bound himself, i.e., because of His own attributes of veracity and fidelity.

So are we supposed to say that if God reneged on a promise he would be unfaithful but not unjust? 

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