Psalm 53

 [F]ortes quaesierunt animam meam non proposuerunt Deum ante conspectum suum. 

The strong have sought my soul, and have not set God before their eyes. 

The strong are any of our desires not ordered to the divine law, since without this nothing can harm the spiritual life. Any extrinsic enemy of the soul tries to induce a temptation, i.e a desire not ordered to the divine law, and our soul only battles immediately against the desires that rise up within it. [E]ach one is tempted when he is drawn away by his own desires and enticed (Js. 1:14.)

[I]n veritate tua disperde [inimicos]

Destroy [my enemies] in your truth. 

God destroys the enemy of the soul not by blind power but by the illumination of the truth. Consequently, the enemy lives within the lie that dwells within the soul, loving with a blind desire that does not even know what it wants. 

[S]uper inimicos meos despexit oculus meus

My eye has looked down upon my enemies. 

The singular eye is speaking of the eye of the mind dwelling in divine truth and in a different sense of the eye of God and the saints, who have seen the destruction of our enemies already as a fait accompli, which we see through the confidence of hope arising from the obedience of faith. 

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