Virtual distinction

If the perfections of an essence are finite in some way then the essence must be realized in diverse supposita to which the essence is in potency. E.g if human nature has finite and therefore incompossible perfections like male and female, introvert and extravert, Jew and Gentile, etc this demands the actualization of the potentials of the essence in multiple supposita of human nature.

In God there is no potency.

So the perfections of the divine essence are not finite in any way.

If a divine perfection were really finite in one sense and not in another they would be finite in some way.

So no divine perfection is finite in one sense and not in another, in e.g. the way an infinite blue cinder block wall would still be finite in its color, position, material, etc.

So while all truths or properties of the divine essence might be distinct in thought, the essence is the identity or negation of distinctions in reality.

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