Immateriality of sense cognition

When the form of something different from X is realized materially or in the matter of X it destroys the form of X.

If you realize the form of a rifle stock in the wood of a door it destroys the form of the door, if you realize the letter U in the matter of the clay letter K you destroy the K. The claim is self-evident since for a form to be different from X but realizable in its matter simply means to destroy the form X has.

When the form of the object the sense power is realized in it, this form is both (a) different from the sense power and (b) it does not destroy the form in which the power is found, namely the sense organ.

(a) is both evident and can be shown from the fact that no sense senses itself. (b) is true a fortiori since the sense object perfects the sense power.

So the form of the object is not realized in the sense power materially or in its matter.

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