Discernment (2)

Q: Aren’t you making too much of this present mood of discernment? Isn’t it simply a way of urging people to be mindful about dedicating their life to God?

A: Always ask for what you want. If you want mindfulness, ask for mindfulness. If you want religious vocations, ask for them. If you want vocations for the sake of increasing acts of holiness, why not just ask for acts of holiness?

Q: But isn’t that what we’re doing? We we’re asking for someone to choose something freely after discernment!

A: Why is this how it is happening? Why isn’t a bishop going out like Christ and calling men to join him?

Q: I think we all the the problem in “Bishops calling young men to join him”

A: But since that’s what the vocation is, isn’t this the problem we should be focusing on?

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