Naturalism and soul

We know that there are the ingredients of things and their end products. Naturalism holds that all else is downstream from these, but this misses the first fact about life, namely that there is something in the living thing that knows how to turn ingredients into the end products. The embryo is not just alive as end product but alive as capable of turning food eaten by mother into legs, eyes, kidneys, etc.

What knows how to make a kidney? Something in the embryo or the embryo as this something. It is not an order or arrangement but the thing itself whose end product is the living organs and body. Substance as form.

Naturalism takes life or soul as arising only after the parts have their proper arrangement, and while it is obviously true that parts arranged life-wise are alive this occludes and skips over the more important fact that there is something causally before the proper arrangement and to which the proper arrangement stands as an effect. Substance in the sense of form is a “knowledge” within the materials themselves, not only acting on them but giving them being and ordering the materials to achieve certain ends.

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