After self loathing

Assume Protestantism critiqued Catholicism and Enlightenment secularity critiqued both, and something in turn starts critiquing Enlightenment starting with the Modernism arising in the years before the definitive critique of WWI. Said another way, Protestantism flourished in a skepticism of existing (i.e. Catholic) religious traditions but was eventually lumped in as just one more tradition, Enlightenment secularism sought an authority in reason “daring to think for itself” apart from any wisdom tradition but then proceeded to last long enough to itself be a tradition. At some point all this abasing criticism had to focus on ourselves, and this is the point we seem to have reached. Again, having mocked our ancestral Church we placed hope of salvation in the documents of that Church (The Bible) and the temporal rulers of nations; having lost hope in the documents and ancient rulers we turned to placing faith in our common humanity and power of reason; but having lost hope in either of these we had nowhere left to flee but still needed to experience the thrill of losing hope in something, and so we lost hope even in our own goodness, dignity, and worth. We know there is a new birth on the far side of dying gods and we’ve lost anything else to despair of.

If this is the dissolution of Christendom it’s hard to see what the next stage looks like. I don’t say that to be ominous, as I take it for granted that tremendous violence will happen as a matter of course as it happened at every transition point from Catholicism to Protestantism to Enlightenment secularity to its postmodern critique. I’m rather puzzled by what is left to criticize after a history of other-loathing has collapsed into self-loathing comprised of our disgust at our nation, its history and accomplishments, its present government… to say nothing of our disgust at our normal everyday consciousness (unaffected by prescribed and legalized drugs), at our congenital sexual dimorphism, at gender roles so ancient they probably predate mammalian life, at normal human interaction (i.e. not mediated by screens), at sexual activity that is done as opposed to marketed and consumed, at even the idea of normal religious belonging or hierarchical order.

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