A Catholic traditionalist thesis

Accepting Sacrosanctum Concilium with a religious submission requires accepting that the 1962 missal needed some modernizing reform. 

 The argument for the thesis is roughly that all acts of ecumenical councils, even if not speaking from the extraordinary magisterium, bind with obsequium religiosum, and there is no reasonable reading of SC that does not require at least some modernizing reforms of the 1962 missal. 

“Modernizing” is a portmanteau term including one or all of: vernacular use, increased speaking liturgical roles for the laity, a recognition of the liturgy as the work of a community, etc. 

Almost all of these benchmarks could be hit even within things that were allowed in 1962, so it’s not as if the thesis requires even the existence of the Novus Ordo, but it does require that we can’t simply go back to 1962. 

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