The free choice of pure act (3)

9.) Argument #2. An effect caused ~UP corresponds to what causes ~UP. By definition, creation is such an effect. Therefore, the creator is ~UP or pure act.

Again, for an agent to actualize his potentials in another requires the potentials of the other be given. But creation consists in such potentials not being given. Therefore, a creating agent does not actualize potentials, and so is pure act.

10.) Creation does not actualize a potential in the creator. Given the intelligence of the creator, he is an intelligent being that does not depend on another in action. But an intelligence that does not depend on another in acting is free with respect to that other. Therefore, if a creator creates by intelligence, he creates freely. Pure act thus unifies creation and freedom, rather than making them repugnant.

11.) Intelligence is not a supposition to the argument but integral to it. Pure act as such is intelligent, since actuality as such is the immanent action of life so what is pure act has the highest from of life by way of intelligence.

Again, If pure act acts it acts entirely of itself. But only an intelligent being acts entirely of itself, all else being either entirely trapped in its own subjectivity (the non cognitive) or entirely without reflection that allows it to see itself in opposition to another (the animal, the newborn/ infant.)

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