Gods and screens

Hans-Friedrich Mueller: the pagan world was surrounded by gods like we are surrounded by screens. Once the connection gets made the comparisons start flooding in.

1.) Both are portals to other realms.

2.) The other realm is idealized: persons inhabiting it are attractive, significant, speak of what matters most and should be most a matter of concern… (note that this is true of the heroes, the villains, the messengers, etc.)

3.) Occasionally the idealized world erupts into the mundane world, granting it the aura of significance (You know who Mary saw at the coffee shop today!?! You’ll never guess!)

4.) Both occupy a central place in the home. So far as he can, we carry both with us throughout the day, and look for every opportunity to place them on more and more surfaces.

5.) We look to them to tell us our future, and continue to do so no matter how often the predictions fail. By 2-5, it’s clear that the realm in question is higher. 

6.) We have complex, multifaceted views of the question “are the things in this realm real or fake?” 

7.) There is a class of intermediaries facilitating our access to the realm and, to some extent, what appears in it. These intermediaries are not necessarily skeptics with respect to this other realm, though they can be. It’s more likely they are more enamored of the realm than anyone else.

8.) And more! Find your own today! 

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