The Rosary and house of God

For the first two Joyous Mysteries Christ is in the Virgin and for the last two he is in the Temple. He thus passes from the house of his mother to the house of his Father (Lk. 2: 49) by way of Bethlehem, i.e the house of bread.

In passing from the Joyous to Sorrowful Mysteries we see Christ move from the Old Temple to building the New: destroy this temple and in three days I will rebuild it (Jn 2: 19.) and therefore we see his entering into the new temple in the Glorious Mysteries.

The first two Glorious Mysteries are Christ’s rising to life and rising to the Kingdom, the last two are Mary’s being raised to the Kingdom and raised to the dignity of its queen. Between these is the descent of the Spirit on the Church.


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