Five faces of evil in the Sorrowful Mysteries

1.) Agony in the garden. This is violence against Christ that goes unseen, even by his disciples. This is the universe of evils hidden in the angelic realm or the heart, or otherwise done in secret.

2.) Scourging at the pillar. Pilate scourged Christ believing him innocent, in an attempt to appease the mob. This is evil done half-heartedly, almost in the belief that we should be considered prudent or clever or better than others for doing it.

3.) Crowning with thorns: The whole company of soldiers gathered together to mock Christ. This is evil committed in the desire to be seen by our peers.

4.) Carrying of the cross: This is evil entering into public to put itself on display. It parades through streets, claims the city for itself, announces its authority in news stories, etc. It is the evil that convinces all, and especially the faithful, that it is inevitable and here to stay, able to crush any other value.

5.) The Crucifixion. This is the consummation of evil in an explicit public liturgy rejecting God and exalting man. The liturgy is performed on top of the skull, i.e. the negation of life, speech, the face and the brain, and presided over by the highest tier of secular and religious power. At the liturgy, the mother of the Church looks on the naked body of her defeated and rejected children while the heavens remain silent.

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