Note on the fears of the Right

Pundits on the Right have predicted their eventual suffering under Leftist oppression for years (Rod Dreher, for example, built a career on it) but even if I weren’t cynical about this – Cassandras are clickbait – the predictions are pointless since their is no skill in them but only luck. You’re better off ignoring pundits or your own musings and giving your trust to reading bird entrails or, better yet, putting yes-no questions to a chimp.

So sure, maybe there will be widespread Leftist gulags or mass terror or whatever. There are precedents: the Left put terror on the map in the French Revolution and put the distinctive notes of the modern concentration camp during the Russian Revolution, but an outcome like this is neither the only one possible nor the one that those on the Right should most fear.

Both Left and Right have grandiose desires for multi-million person cosmopoloi, so neither side can avoid the problem of what to do with their millions of incorrigible dissidents. This is why the Right should spend at least some time fearing their desire for the man who can charismatically channel their resentment. While the present president suggests the possibility of such a person he is obviously not the guy, since he is too unfocused, unprincipled, and baffled by the levers of power to channel resentments into any coherent form.

Those on the Right should try to visualize what they would feel toward the one who could make them unashamed to get mad in the same way that the Left can be publicly mad, who took the sting out of our increasingly byzantine and peevish speech codes, who normalized their disgust at various acts that where uncontroversially disgusting in living memory, or who even acknowledged and took steps to fix the Sahara of employment reaching from just outside Chicago to just outside of New York City. How much would someone on the Right be willing to look past in that guy? And wouldn’t anyone on the Right who felt all that want to press his advantage as far as he could: marching through all the institutions, setting up new speech taboos… and what if your own violence was as a rule ignored while your opponents’ was harped on as terror? How much violence would you try to get away with then?

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