Sin and fallibility

I know a resort owner who lost a cabin in a fire started by a phone charger. The owner insisted that phone chargers cause fires all the time.

Free will sins like phone chargers cause fires. This is a critique of various free will defenses of evils.

God does not allow evil out of his reverent fear of trespassing on the majesty of the free act. God allows failures – evil – because creatures are fallible. For God to allow anything other than the Son and Holy Spirit meant allowing things that could destroy themselves.

Human beings were uniquely fallible among creatures since they by nature both love The Good itself and know lower goods first, which practically guarantees we’ll become attracted to goods other than the Good Itself. God initially provided humans with supernatural help to overcome this extraordinary fallibility but we lost it through some catastrophe so ancient that we speak about it now only in myths and legends.

Moral evils are the activity of spirit destroying its substance. As spirit contains what we usually call world the result or evil is the creation of a containing-world of destruction and death, which each evil makes more grotesque and horrible. The totality of all these worlds – which are to some extent nested within the supreme fallible spirit who is evil – is Hell.

As spirit cannot die or repair its connection to the Good itself by its own power, Hell is eternal of itself. What will be done about this is up to the Good, who works only freely and by free gift.

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