Augustinian argument, etc. (2)

1.) Sin effects separation from God.

2.) Considered in itself, sin either (a) comes to an end of its own accord or (b) not.

3.) If (a), then it does not come to an end by the life and action of Christ.

4.) So every sin, considered in itself, effects an endless separation from God.

Again, the point is not to deny the possibility of universal salvation, but only to deny that this salvation is morally necessary or that its contrary is morally hideous. It’s not that one is “sentenced to infinity” for committing a finite evil, but simply that of itself sin brings about a state that cannot be remedied except by the free, unmerited, and unnecessary action of another, and so is infinite apart from that action. If you intentionally jumped into a pit you couldn’t get out of, you’ve chosen to be in there forever.

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