-If you want to understand the angel or separated soul, imagine the whole universe in all of its details, totality, and history, then add to this being known. 

-Sensation knows so far as objects effect physical action like light or sound reflection, giving off scent molecules, etc. Intelligence is not a way of being acted upon but of lighting up another from within so as to share existence with it.

-A thing cannot be without being a window to the whole angelic host.

-Being is a kernel of divine action, witnessed by intelligences with declining clarity, down to embodied persons who only see what they see in saying “being”.

-Death is a transition out of knowing the universe from a perspective, though organs with an accidental evolutionary history, with a limited capacity to retain information.

-Like all physics, Relativity is limited by interactive activity. The unidirectionality of intelligence demands that the theory be taken as a theory of the universe considered as if there were no intelligence.

-Any attaining of the things in themselves demands some action of the will, whether creative or created.


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