A Mom Post

The Other Dr. Chastek is up at the cabin this weekend with kid 2 and 3 for a work weekend and he’s asked me to hop on do a “mom post”. So here I am!

Our oldest will turn 13 in about a week. Most of the time he is content to just let his sister (kid 2) be The Big Sister: she is super responsible and super helpful, leads her siblings in night time prayers, reads to the littles before bed, corrals them when we are having pizza at Costco, etc. Usually she’s the one we leave in charge if we have to run out for a quick errand.  He is perfectly content to just sit back and watch, or retreat to a quiet spot and play legos, out of the reach of her orders and directions. When they were small I could not have James and Frankie in the same swim lessons even though they were developmentally at the same spot because James would just shut down around her.  So he has *really* shown up the past two days and taken on the role of The Big Brother: he read to the littles before bed, has been taking the lead to buckle the smallest in his car seat, and tonight this is what I came upon after I ran to the restroom at Costco – he’d brought Charlie up into his lap getting him to eat his pizza and keeping them all calm and collected. It did my mom heart good to see! And he has been so visibly proud taking on this role. Frankie will be home tomorrow night so she’ll take over the reading and all the other roles, but it’s nice to know that he can and he will and he’ll even enjoy it.

IMG_1275 2

And I know that the girls are having a BALL up at the cabin with their dad, uncle, cousin and grandpa. They revel in these opportunities to do something that the “others” don’t get to do. This year we are adding a screened porch/3 season porch to the cabin and it’s a pretty big project. James is so good about getting the kids involved. I am sure that Felicity will tell me ALL about how she got to screw the boards in with a POWER tool. She’ll love that porch more than any other part of the cabin because SHE built it. I can’t wait to eat meals out there with her.


Have a great weekend.  And to all you dad’s out there, I hope you have a great day tomorrow and feel appreciated for the important work you do in your families.

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