Thomas and “a certain participation”

One of the recurrent and indispensable descriptions of things in Thomas’s thought is X is a certain participation in Y.   Here’s a list of various things he describes as X U+2192.svg Y, from a search of quaedam participatio on the Index Thomisticus.

charity U+2192.svg divine goodness

Accidents U+2192.svg Substance (here, STA literally distinguishes “participation” from “a certain [quaedam] participation” see Super Sententiarum., lib. 1 d. 36 q. 2 a. 3 arg. 4.)

AngelU+2192.svg the divine esse

The aevum of the angels U+2192.svg eternity

The discourse of reason U+2192.svg intellect

Human powers of thought U+2192.svg intellect

A gift in a lower being U+2192.svg the gift from the higher being

Words of Ciaphas (because they were false) U+2192.svg prophesy

Powers of ministers U+2192.svg powers of kings

Beatitudes U+2192.svg future beatitude

Created beatitude U+2192.svg uncreated beatitude

Eternity as communicated to man U+2192.svg eternity in its proper measure

Human soul called intellectual U+2192.svg intellect in its full refulgence

Created good U+2192.svg uncreated good

Imperfect U+2192.svg perfect

(Clever) animal instinct U+2192.svg prudence

Speculative science U+2192.svg perfect beatitude

Natural law U+2192.svg eternal law (this is spoken of at length)

The wisdom by which we are wise U+2192.svg divine wisdom

The love by which we formally love our neighbor U+2192.svg divine love

Love as a gift of the Holy Spirit U+2192.svg Holy Spirit

Human virtus U+2192.svg Divine virtus 

Grace U+2192.svg divinity

Sacramental character U+2192.svg priesthood of Christ

Faith U+2192.svg divine truth

Light of the agent intellect U+2192.svg light of the separated substances

Appetitive powers U+2192.svg reason

Moral virtue in appetitive powers U+2192.svg right reason

The esse of any thing U+2192.svg the divine esse

Every form U+2192.svg likeness of divine esse 

Form U+2192.svg first (i.e. pure) act

Form U+2192.svg divine claritas

Light of reason U+2192.svg divine light

Adoption U+2192.svg natural sonship



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