Brief angelology

1.) There must be something about angelic knowledge that makes it essentially different from both human and divine knowledge.

2.) All knowledge consists in some relation between knower and object.

3.) Divine knowledge is the cause of creation, human knowledge is an effect of creation and so angelic knowledge as simultaneous to creation (this conclusion is heuristic, not demonstrative).

4.) Knowledge is simultaneous to creation when one and the same esse that God makes present in creation he simultaneously makes present in the angelic mind. Esse thus flows simultaneously in re and in the mind of the angel.

5.) So far as God makes esse present by making it totally present, it is also totally present in the mind of the angel.

6.) So far as esse has future contingency is not present in the world, so it is not present in angelic knowledge either. Angelic knowledge of the future excludes the reality of future contingency, and vice versa.

7.) All knowledge is of two kinds, speculative and practical. As practical it is the source of action. Some existence thus flows into the angel as a source of action.

8.) As a source of action, the angel is located in place. Because his power to act is finite, his place is finite. Angelic place is thus the extent of his power.

9.) Because two powers cannot be equally exercised on one locus of power, two angels cannot be in the same place. It would be like having two complete authorities over the same object of law.

10.) The form of myself flows into all angels as known simultaneously with making me exist. From 9. it can also flow into one angel as an object of practical knowledge. Such an angel is one guardian angel.



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