Eckhart on Esse est deus

Meister Eckhart’s first argument for the thesis “Esse is God”

(The translation is dynamic, and I leave “esse” untranslated because it is too clumsy to say “The form by which the existent exists”)

If esse is something different from God, either God does not exist or he is not God. How would anything exist or be something when esse is apart or foreign or cut off from it? And if God exists and his esse were other, then he he would surely be from another. It follows that God and esse are the same, since otherwise God would have esse from another and so would not be God…

Si esse est aliud ab ipso deo, deus nec est nec deus est. Quomodo enim est aut aliquid est, a quo esse aliud, alienum et distinctum est? Aut si est deus, alio ubique est, cum esse sit alio ab ipso. Deus igitur esse idem, aut deus ab alio habet esse. Et hic non ipse deus…


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