First Way, visually.

Take motion as change over time, and so the proof is about things on timelines.

Make a timeline of any story, e.g. the pig goes from baby to adult to bacon to human muscle.

The timeline is a horizontal line with vertical slashes going down for baby, adult, bacon, muscle.

The vertical slashes are called acts or actuality. The horizontal line is potency. 

At the vertical slashes, there is no motion, so

Everything in motion is in potency. 

The line of potency we drew is not the only one that goes forward. The pig could become a football, a breeder pig, an object to catapult at muslim armies to break morale. Potency is to all of them, so to account for why something moves to the one and not the other requires something other than the potency. So

Everything in potency is caused to move by something else. 

But then the conclusion is

Everything in motion is caused to move by something else.

Take the totality of something elses, whether infinite or finite. By the principle of contradiction, this grand conjunction of causes is either in motion or not.

If in motion, then the conjunction of all moving causes is moved by something else. But there is nothing outside of all. So

Something causes motion without being in motion.

Given how we’ve set up the problem, This means there is something that causes motion whose action is not on a timeline, i.e. that is eternal or unchanging.

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