Time and potential

1.) Time depends on eternity because mixed acts depend on the unmixed. This is simply the First Way where “potency” is understood in its temporal modality.

2.) temporal = an existence or life that cannot have all its perfections

eternal = an existence or life that must have all its perfections. 

Something that existed only for one instant – like light considered in its own reference frame – is a middle case. The accidents that a photon has aren’t very interesting (they can be here or there, I guess) but they make up for this by having them in a fascinating way.

2a.) Light exists all at once, given that it does.

2b.) For STA earth : heaven :: secondary cause : primary cause :: human : angelic :: created : creator. Earth and heaven, however, proved to be causally unimportant to the sciences, whereas the speed of light turned out to be an important component of causal action. Nothing that can convey information and so be useful in sciences is capable of moving faster than it, and things that move at this speed are structural to the accounts we give of things in motion.

3.) Time : eternity :: instrument : agent.

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