Philosopher’s kid stories (2)

Monika: Dad, why are all those white things [dogwood tree seeds -ed.] blowing around?

Me: They’re seeds.

Monika: Why are all the seeds blowing around?

Me: Because the tree wants to have a baby.

Monika: Oh. I call that a baby tree, but the tree calls it a baby.

(some time later)

Monika: Why do trees want to have a baby?

Me: Don’t all grown ups want to have a baby?

Monika: But trees can’t talk.

Me: What about dogs? They have babies.

Monika: Yeah, (emphatically making an important distinction) but they can’t talk to them. They can have a baby but they can’t talk to the baby.

Me: There was a man named Aristotle who said that all grown-up things want to have a baby. What do you think about that?

Monika: No. I don’t get it. I was not born from Mom. All things are born from the world. Mom had four babies in our world: Felicity, me, Manny and Charlie.

Me: What about Frankie and James?

Monika: They were not born in our world. [James and Frankie were born when we lived in other places that Monika has never been to – ed].

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