Objectivity demands:

– there be something common between knowers and knowns or,

-what makes knowers know is what makes beings be.

This can happen in three ways:

1.) The knower’s knowledge is the source of being. The knower sees all being as a way in which things might participate in him.

2.) The knower is equal to the being of beings. If there is some knower whose knowledge is the source of being, then he can make all that makes being be = all that makes a knower know.

3.) The knower is not equal to the being of beings. This sort of knowledge would remain on the surface of things and never attain to their kernel, even to knowing that there is such a kernel.

The three modes of knowledge are the divine, the intelligent, the sentient.

Human beings must reconstruct what the being of beings is from sentient information, and so are only equal to being as such so far as knowing that it is, although this knowledge can be developed in the familiar ways of negation, causality, analogy.





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