Logos collapse/ identity

We reduce change to the unchangeable. Mathematics as an instrument of this understanding reduces the changes in things to the unchangeability of their relations or ratios to time. There is no logos of going from here to there, but there is one of meters per second, rotations per minute, wave cycles per millisecond, number-other-than-clock to clock-number.

“Motion is change over time”. How easy! How obvious! Motion just is the unchangeable element in it!

(It’s this sense of “is” where the soul is the essence of the living being, or the intelligence is man. It’s not as if Aristotle forgot about matter – he’s telling you something about it.)

This sort of collapse of all change into its logos happens in other ways too, cf. the Medievals trying to figure out something for man to contribute to his salvation when God is the prime mover. Your action is robbery from grace! Free will was once robbery from God, now it is robbery from neurology or the laws of physics (take note).

We could call it either logos collapse or logos identity: the belief that the thing is its logos or ultimate ground. All rational accounts of the world will confront it sooner or later.

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