Virtue notes

-One reason why temperance is more pleasant than its privation is that it seeks pleasures that remain pleasant in memory.

-The virtuous person can suffer as a person or by what is material to the virtue, but not as virtuous.

Socrates’s prayer in Phaedrus: Addressed to the gods who dwell in this place; count no one rich who is not wise; seek no more money than would be carried by one with temperance.

-A variant of Anscombe’s claim: having lost the ancient teleology of the person or the Christian law as ordered to heavenly bliss, we’re left with no idea of what would make everyone happy. Should we turn to psychology? Or does that leave us with nothing but a question: what do you want? 

The psychological: The whole enterprise is built not on a vision of the person, but to remediate the behaviors that clash with the society in which he finds himself. As far as psychology is concerned, homosexuality was really a disorder before the 70’s and now it is not. There need be no duplicity here: societies change and so what will count as a psychological disorder will also. The psychology of Inquisitorial Spain would have been right to classify a Heretical Church Disorder. One really couldn’t flourish in that time and place so long as he had it.

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