Surviving summer

My husband is up at the cabin with the big kids this weekend and he’s asked me to post for him again. I meant to do it earlier, but got waylaid by this guy:

19577496_10154560878027327_5200947478846464315_oI don’t mind too much though. That toothless baby grin is my favorite baby grin. And he now babbles at me while smiling, so it pretty much doesn’t get any better. Except that I did break out the ever faithful Chair of Neglect today – as much as I adore the babbling and the toothless grin, I *do* need to get my own business back on track which requires me putting him down for a few minutes.


Not only did he *love* bouncing away in this CoN, but he was more out of harms way from his adoring fans in this upright position.

Summer Vacation for the Circus, as I affectionately refer to my children, started three weeks ago and has been going full throttle since. I was wise and stocked up on some vital supplies:


But truth be told, they are pretty happy just shenaniganizing with school friends and neighbor friends.

I’m not sure what to make of the dabbing.

The three big kids did a week of soccer camp at the local rec center and then the oldest participated in a Jr. Police Academy there as well. But No. 2 went off to an overnight camp as well – she is the first of ours to head off for an over night German camp and adored it!


It’s a pity she’s not photogenic at all, don’t you think? One of her favorite parts of camp was when she and some others snuck into the French camp. We laughed and laughed at the idea of the Germans sneaking into the French camp. The irony was lost on her.

This goof ball will head off to a diabetes day camp in the middle of August. As soon as I told her, in late May, that she would go she ran off and packed her bag. I guess she’s excited.


Again – if only this one were photogenic!

And then this guy will finish up by attending an over night Diabetes camp.


I’m so grateful that the ADA makes these camps available so that little people like mine can go off and enjoy the camp experience and I won’t have to be a nervous wreck, worrying about their diabetes management.

So, there you have it… that is how we will survive the summer. And I hope you all have a delightful 4th of July.

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