Nature and life

All models of agency make it interactive, so either all agency is interactive or models of agency do not suffice to capture what it is. I favor the second option since agency is asymmetrical, and put the joint where models suffice and where they don’t at the division between the physical and the living. For things that are both physical and living, this division is not some point where soul interacts with body, rather the whole entity as natural interacts with what it touches and the whole entity as living pushes things per se and only is pushed accidentally. As a physical entity the difference between whether I am moving or resting is simply an arbitrary choice of reference; as a living entity I am moving whenever I’m using the motion of my own body to achieve my ends and I am an agent cause of motion whenever I use anything to achieve my ends (cars, moving sidewalks, the gravitational field of the earth).

If there were natural places we could use these to determine whether natural things were moving or not, but it does not appear that natural places are things that nature cares about in any straightforward or obvious way.

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