Evils in stories

When evil occurs in a story you have to know where you are in the story to know what to think either about the evil or the story. A New Hope that built up to and ended with the destruction of Alderaan and had no sequels would be something very different from the Space-Western we actually got. It would require totally different screenwriters, a different sense of what the human condition is, a different view of the status of the absurd, etc.

So the argument from evil requires that we either have to assume there is no narrative arc to the universe or that any narrative must find its resolution now. The first option seems to help ourselves to the assumption that there is no God and the second is proven obviously false with the passage of time. If not for this, we need to take Ivan’s route that some evils (can’t? ought not be? are not?) ordered to goods, and either argue or intuit the existence of gratuitous evils. I haven’t seen any evidence yet that the arguments can advance beyond the stage of rhetorical questions.

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