Celebrate monism

-Naturalism is the opposite of dualism, and so is a monism. Why celebrate monism, especially in epistemology?

-Naturalism’s claim to be a monism is belied by its attempt to exclude the supernatural while holding onto natural sciences and mathematics and logic. Who thinks there is a monism covering all this?

-Monism would require way more than just relations between discourses (making math the tool of science, say).

-“The sciences are our best method for discovering reality”. What “dualist” needs to deny this? STA would never doubt that we’re better at discovering reality that can be sensed than reality that is given any other way. Discovering something as best does not establish a monism at all – it works just as well as a case for pluralism.

-Anything sensed requires matter to be and be known, any formal structure abstracted from sense requires matter to be, but not to be known. But it would be contradictory to say forms could not be without matter, and in formal systems, what can be must be. Voilà, spirits.

-Naturalism is in conflict with all the other areas of philosophy that celebrate pluralism. Why do we demand science to be some strongman to save us when we demand this nowhere else? Try demanding this in gender studies, political theory, etc.


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