Creation theory of substance

CTS= substance is an immediate divine effect.

Corollary: the substance of anything is a divine logos, and so transcends any model or (even in-principle) construction of human techne.

Substance = interior source of activity. The substance of the car is gas. Physicists know the substance of nature like the mechanic knows the chemistry of combustion.

The universe is a completely closed system in the same way that a car is completely mechanical.

We defined matter, energy, fields, etc. in ways that make them given operationally and so as able to be manipulated.

The point of defining physical quantities through experiment is not to merely make them confirmable but to make them controllable.

Mechanism is essential to human logoi. Presumably we can find machines forever, as Leibniz said we would.

We don’t reduce nature to fundamental facts but to points of contact with divine action.

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