Atheism vs. the Death of God, a dialogue

A: Neither of us thinks that God exists, but what’s the problem you have with science, reasoning and evidence?

B: Well, you think God doesn’t exist. I don’t see why it matters. God is just dead like disco is dead or like naïve patriotism was dead after World War I. Who cares whether disco still exists somewhere, or whether some group of nobodies are still naïve patriots? They’re all throwbacks or museum pieces or hobbyists or whatever.

A: I don’t see how you can’t care whether God exists, but at least we both agree that God doesn’t matter.

B: No, we don’t even agree about this. You think he doesn’t matter because we should be faithful to truth. But why be faithful? We prefer to be deceived all the time! In fact, look at where your commitment to “science, reasoning and evidence” will take you. You believe it shows you that you are purely physical, yes?

A: We both do.

B: And whatever is physical can be save and recorded someplace?

A: Of course.

B: So your science will eventually save or record you someplace. I’m sure you have hope that it will be a place of pleasant experiences, yes?

A: Of course

B: The first lie! Your Love of truth is satisfied by the illusory afterlife of a brain in a vat! Now, in real life the vat will be controlled by someone who will simply decide what your afterlife will be, and you will grovel before him and give him any worship he wants to ensure you go to the happy place. So look how your “love of science” leads to the second lie!  Your love of truth is fulfilled by illusion, and it turns even the real world in which you live into a network of masters and the slaves who flatter them! Illusion, Illusion, Illusion!

A: So what’s your option?

B: I have no idea. But whatever we are is over and the next must come. Your own pretense to value truth over illusion and deception is only the last, or one of the last critiques of the person. Science leads to a desire to control all, and so to control even fidelity and value. But our attempts to control these are all mockeries: preferences for illusions, flattery, forgetfulness and domination.


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  1. Allen Hazen said,

    December 3, 2016 at 11:04 pm

    The end of A’s second statement — “at least we both agree that God doesn’t matter” is, I think, out of character. Atheists of the Richard Dawkins stripe think God (if he’s there) or the absence of God matters a GREAT DEAL, because one’s view on this has a major influence on how one lives. “There’s probably no God, now stop stop worrying and enjoy your life” would make no sense as a slogan who didn’t think the possibility of a god was a real source of “worry.”

    Your “death of God” spokesperson thinks religious indifference is the way to go. And one think the Dawkinsian isn’t is indifferent!

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