The Continuity of Geocentrism and Copernicanism

Scholars of Medieval and Ancient cosmology have long known that the supposed “Copernican dethronement” is a facepalmingly bad anachronism. Those who put the earth at the center of the universe did not regard this as putting humanity at the center of attention but as putting it at the greatest possible distance from the incorruptible and perfect world of the outermost sphere. If being at the center of the universe was any great privilege, those in the deepest pits of Hell would be far more in God’s favor than the saints on earth.

In fact, seeing the earth at an infinite remove from the divine is perhaps the only point of continuity between the geocentric world and the Pascalian world we replaced it with, with its horrible stretches of infinite space. There is something archetypal (evident?) about the earth as a place of exile. Not even God could come here except as a wanderer or as cloaked in mystery. Said another way, for him to come to it as God would utterly destroy this place being earth.

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