-No one is more capable than a security guard of robbing a place blind, but for all that robbing a place blind is not only outside the job description of a security guard but is completely contrary to what he is. This is the way in which a free will is capable of committing evil.

-The Free will defense is poorly named. No only can God generate a free will that cannot sin, he’s actually done so. This is the procession of the Son from the Father. The free will defense is really the creation defense, though even then it is poorly named since, again, creation can only sin in the way that security guards can rob a place blind.

-Free will – choice – ultimately rests on the fecundity of goods.

-Choice ultimately rests on the reality of possibility.

-Poe tries to pull art out of the domain of intuition and possibility by giving a sort of logos of how he came up with The Raven. It falls somewhere on a continuum between fanciful and silly.



  1. David said,

    September 9, 2016 at 4:23 pm

    The real possibility of intelligent creatures frustrating their own ends?

    I guess I don’t see the insight in the security guard statement.

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