O.J.’s (logical equivalent of a) confession

(I was in the midst of typing this when I got called away to do something and posted it by mistake. This is the full version. UPDATE. Then I went back and added some more stuff.)

In what appears to be recordings made in prison during his criminal trial for killing Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman, O.J. says:

If the situation was reversed with Nicole and I, and I was the one who was shot and killed, she wouldn’t spend a day in jail (laughter).

at 6:13.

Ah, but then Nicole’s situation would be that she was framed for murder out of racist hatred for being an affluent black woman!

I guess you could say he meant “if I were murdered, Nicole would never be tried for it”. But why begrudge Nicole’s failing to be tried for a crime unless she did it?

I’m not going for a smoking gun, or even for a piece of court-worthy evidence, and I come to all of this convinced that he was guilty already.* I’m speaking to those likewise convinced of guilt who can take the quotation as manifesting something about the character of lies. Lies differ from truths in that it’s hard to tell the events of a lie out of chronological order, and so a fortiori, it’s hard to keep the lie straight when you try to make it function in a counterfactual. Unless by “counterfactual” you mean the truth.

*Not just by the mountain of uncontested evidence but by the ridiculous nature protestations against the rest of it. To take the paradigm example, no matter how racist Fuhrman was, in order to frame anybody he would have had to buy an Aris leather light XL glove from Bloomingdale’s after midnight on his way to driving to the Rockingham estate (and never be found out).** If that’s your theory, you don’t have one.

**Bailey’s insinuation that he found it at the Bundy crime scene requires that the fourteen other cops that got there before him missed it, missed him picking it up, missed him bagging it and pocketing it… and all this in a yard the size of a large foyer.



  1. August 17, 2016 at 6:05 pm

    I know it wasn’t your draft. The glove didn’t fit.

  2. robalspaugh said,

    August 18, 2016 at 7:13 am

    Huh. Are you playing with finding a way to map truth and lie onto a square of opposition? You could say that the counterfactual of a lie is gibberish and the contrary is the truth…? Neat game.

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