-Scientism: Replace key terms with logical equivalents:

“Knowledge must make testable predications!” = “Knowledge must find a way to affirm the consequent!”

“Knowledge must admit of a well-defined theory!” = “Knowledge must posit unobeservables to account for observable things or other unobservables” (we posit a force or a bend to account for an apple falling, and dark matter to account for some forces or bendings)

“Knowledge must be falsifiable!” = “Knowledge must be somehow unknown!”

-As everyone knows, science was once called “philosophy”. Then scientists decided to settle for the apparent.

-The merely apparently true can be constructed. Hence, technology.

-Science has the bewildering committement both to unbreakable laws, in which human freedom is impossible, and to hypothesis, in which all discourse begins with a free, unconstrained construction of the human mind.

-Science needs a world in which all is predicatable but is somehow also based in information, which is never required so far as things are predictable. We don’t need to deliver messages whose whole content was known in advance.

-A strong AI either needs a subconscious or it doesn’t. If it doesn’t, then how is it an intelligence? If it does, then what hope do we have of making one? “Subconscious program” is a contradictio in adjecto.  You might as well write subtext.




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