Variation on Phaedo arg. 1

All things resolve themselves into what is most simple, bodies into elements and the spirit into what is simplest among spirits.

This resolution of each happens according to its nature: bodies resolve into their elements by an impulse that is at once unconscious mind and machine and spirits resolve to the absolutely simple by exercise of their freedom and self-determination to the good. The resolution of each is into what constitutes it, but for body this is material pieces and for spirit it is into that pure self that makes derivative and finite selves possible. Again, all resolution preserves the feature of the simple that existed in the composite: bodies into the properties of elements and spirits into properties of selves.

All corruption is therefore tendency to the incorruptible, made possible only to the extent that the incorruptible is already present in the what will pass away. Christianity adds an additional level of resolution which promises to resolve even the divergent destinies of body and spirit, and which has already been overcome in the resurrection and ascension of Christ and Theotokos.

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