Time v. kinesis (pt. 2)

-Start here: If mathematical things move they are not in time. We can imagine a secant turning into a tangent, but the derivative takes no time, we can imagine two circles with the same radius being placed on top of each other, but the journey takes no time. Why so? because the intermediate is inessential. If this is right, then time is essentially of the intermediate.

-Magicians exploit the fact that when a thing moves from A to B, the human mind edits out the travel in between. The rational disregards the intermediate, the temporal. Neither logic nor mathematics needs it. How long is modus tollens? Celarent?

-If time is of the intermediate, presentism has something to explain. If “the now” alone is real then time is not. “The nows” are negations of time which only exists between them. Presentism is thus a denial of time, not an opinion about its reality.

-Time marks a hiatus between intelligible things or borrowed intelligibility.

-A-theories want the reality of time to be taken from the now separate from any extension, B-theories from its extension untethered from any now. Both are aspects of its reality as intermediate-to-nows.

-Middles are both constituted by beginnings and ends (A-theories) and divided from them (B-theories).

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