Worship and Anselm’s argument

1.) Take the word “God” so far as it means “one to be worshiped”

2.) Worship is an intentional activity, and so we can understand something of it by an analysis of our intentions.

3.) If we could think of something greater than X, we cannot worship it. Saying a man worships money means that he sees nothing better than it; you cannot say that a man values something more than money but worships money.

4.) By contraposition of (3) and (1), God is that than which nothing greater can be thought – though precisely so far as he is the object of worship. We do not abstract God’s that than which nothing greater can be thought from his being an object of worship.

1a.) God is an object of worship

2a.) Possibility of non-existence cannot be allowed to an object of worship. Here’s why:

3a.)  Worship differs from other evaluations in that it rules out the very possibility of there being something better. One can’t very well worship anything while assenting to the real possibility of something better than the object of worship. Recognizing that money or power or Molech only happen to be the best things at the moment does not give rise to worship except in a cynical and disingenuous sense.



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