On the pop-up adds I now endure

  • The gods of irony provide again: cures for phallic flacidity advertised with the very porn that makes the cure necessary.
  • Barzun “When an erectifying drug was put on the market, the millions that rushed to obtain it numbered the healthy young as well as the ailing old… it was apparently not known that desire must be damned up to be self-renewing. (From Dawn to Decadence p. 790)”
  • Some artificial birth control destroys desire hormonally, but all of it destroys desire by making intercourse infertile whenever you want it to be.
  • My Wife: “Is anyone who complains about ‘the contraceptive mentality of NFP’ drawing from their actual experience of NFP?”
  • We want to make ourselves infertile when infertility is scary, dangerous and carries real risks. But there is a downside to eliminating what makes an activity scary, dangerous, and risky – try doing it with NASCAR, rock climbing, riding a bike, whatever. You can only buy safety with boredom. Stamp that at the bottom of your safe sex token.
  • Yes, of course you’re an outlier. You’re also a data point, not the scatter plot.
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