Paradoxes of self and possibility

-The paradoxes of identity and possibility arise from calling both beings while there is an intrinsic element of both that can not be.

-We want identity either in what subtends being (the body, one brain) or in the second act of being (memory, consciousness). Lost in this is what arises from its principles and then proceeds to act: the self or existent.

-The self or existent incorporates its source material and its operations so much so that these are confused with self. When in fact operation assumes existence and the stable source is the matter which, of itself, is never any individual at all. We arrive too late or never arrive.

-There must be possibilities that will not be (roads not traveled); there cannot be possibilities that will not be (what is possible is only so at another time, and what will never be has no other time)

-Defining the self we want either the stability of its matter or the clarity of its second act. How can what most is be ineffable?

The difficulty in explaining selves or possibility arise from the same source as explain animal consciousness. As a rule, primitive stages are explained by the paradigm but we do not have the paradigm of self, and whatever has possibility is divided from the paradigm of being.

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