Short theology

A possible being is one that needs something other than itself to exist. Since all parts fit this description, necessity is proportionate to simplicity. This is why necessity is a term of analysis, which strives to get to that which is just itself and nothing more.

Material analysis can never give us something that is self-identical. It is not even a matter of the whole being greater than its part,  but the whole being other than its part. Simplicity is known to us only in the analysis to self, and so the self is the paradigmatic simple reality. Necessity and simplicity are therefore both proportionate to each other, and both to the reflective existence of the self.

Power is to be a source of another and so it is inverse to possibility and thus proportionate to necessity. Thus necessity, power, self-reflection and simplicity are all proportionate.

Glory and majesty in turn arise from a self with power..





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