Conversation notes

-The great irony of the linguistic turn is that it occurs at the same time as poets and essayists are breaking all the rules of language. On the one hand, philosophers are insisting that the structures of language clarify what can be expressed and thought, on the other hand the poets see the imitation of the world as requiring them to push back against and break the same structure and form of the language.

-Aristotle divided art from prudence saying that we admire the artist who can break the rules of art while we can’t admire prudent men for breaking moral rules.

-Maybe Rimbaud and T.S. Eliot are not breaking the rules of Chomskian UG and so all this turns on equivocation. I doubt it, though. Seen from the bottom up, the tint of matter has diffused though everything; seen from the top down, the immateriality of the soul will not be limited to any phenomenal structure.

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