-Existence is not a category. It is not something other than the individual that allows us to recognize that individual when we see it the first time.

Plato: we recognize everything in the good, i.e. in that which is not recognized in any other.

-Because existence is our base recognition it cannot be an abstraction, a category, a generalization, etc.

-Metaphysics is a study of the non-categorical description of things.

-Being is not the top of the Porphyritic tree but a recognition that it is somehow a distinct whole that is not a branch. Being is “the most general concept” without being a continuation of the way that “animal” is more general than “man”.

-“If God created freely, the act is contingent; if it is necessary, it is not free”.

We say God creates out of his essence.

“But then he creates necessarily!”

No: this is confuses the necessity of a self that is other than his essence with the divine simplicity. Our nature constrains the self even if it fulfills it. Any finite individual is compelled to act as its nature demands, even though it wants to follow this conatus. When the self is the nature, it is no longer compelled. In acting it does what it wants and freely.   There is only assent and no compulsion.

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