Space-time as a successful model of hylomorphism

Space and body as a successful hylomorphic model

Or why not just force in body?

Soul and body as dimensions of human existence.

Nature – nurture hylomorphism. We oppose them only when we see them as substance-like when they are principle-like

“The conservation of energy demands determinism, the impossibility of intervention, the interaction problem, etc.” Only if energy is a primary agent and not an instrument.

Energy is used as an instrument all the time – it’s the first way we get familiar with it. Would we have bothered to study it if we couldn’t use it?

“But only energy pushes around energy.” Again, only if we assume energy must be a primary agent and not an instrument, when in fact we would not have bothered to…

“The tumble and cascade of infinite energy crashes together and eventually produces the living, the purposeful, the self.” This is pure mythology when compared to the everyday experience of plugging in an appliance, flipping a switch, turning sunlight into sugar, digesting oatmeal, dropping a rock on something, lifting weights…

Pre-contemporary thinkers were too optimistic about the extent to which persons are rational and deserved to be tempered by proofs that even personality is historic, animal, filled with evolutionary accidents, etc.. But one can also be too enthralled by the non-rational.

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