Some unscientific reality

Where things are not repeatable, they cannot be probable, for where multiple possibilities are not given there can be no probability-yielding proportion between the possible and actual.

Where things are not probable, they cannot arise from or be described by law.

A method that studies the repeatable is inadequate to study (a) what has an existence not composed with essence (b) what is a self beyond being merely individual (c) what is not bound by time and (d) what arises from chance.

(a) is existence that cannot be repeated in multiple instances because it cannot enter into any composition. This is the only thing on the list that is properly divine.

(b) is existence rising above essence that might in some respects be repeatable. So far as anything is a self, adds something beyond what can be captured in the repeated essence.

(c) is an existence that cannot be repeated.

(d) is an existence with no essence at all. That David saw Bathsheba out the window and seduced her is a narrative but not a logos. Pace Leibniz, “David” is not a logos that contains seeing or seducing Bathsheba.



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