The mystery of The Trinity from the word “trinity”

-So: is threeness three or one?

Like any abstraction, it is clearly one, but this explains it only so far as it is an abstraction. Quaternity is just as one as threeness or trinity. So there must be a true “three” in threeness or trinity.

-Like an iridescent surface, which contains the information about two colors, “trinity” contains information about two quantities. Again, what color is black hair in a comic book: black or blue? No, what color is it really? 

-If humanity existed, would it be a human? In one sense, yes, since this is all one means in shifting from an abstract to its concrete. In another sense, no, since humanity is not a human. This is how a Trinity would be three, if it existed.

-Ultimately, abstract forms differ from concrete ones because the concrete cannot actualize all possible perfections of of the abstract. Humans must be introverted or extroverted, male or female, personable or lone-wolfish, preferring things definite and final or open-ended, but humanity must contain all of these possibilities. So what if we just removed this discrepancy by a transcendental unity of perfections that are multiple?

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